NaNoWriMo Day 17 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

It’s so nice to write on a Friday. Day 17, and I have 20k. I’m behind by about 8k, but I’m still very optimistic. Why?

On day 28 last year, I was at 23k. And I still won.

On day 23 in 2014, I was at 20k. And I still won.

So I’m actually ahead of where I was in ’14 and ’16. Which is good, those years were a bit rough. I’ve got a lot to do this weekend to catch up, but I’m optimistic. I still have a great outline, and am happy with the scenes I’m writing. Just gotta keep on keepin on.


And it only takes a moment
To step outside and let the rain
Kiss your pain away
And surrender it to the sun


NaNoWriMo Day 16 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

I didn’t write much more tonight. I’m hovering at almost 18k. On the one hand, I wanted to keep going, and get to 18k. To at least show some progress. On the other hand, I’m in the middle of a scene. And I think it’ll be really easy to pick up and run with the narrative tomorrow night. Right now it’s almost 11:30pm and I should go to bed. Tomorrow it’ll be early evening on a Friday, and I can write like the dickens.

…One Google tangent later: “Dickens is a euphemism, specifically a minced-oath, for the word devil, possibly via devilkins”. Huh. I had no idea.

Anyway. I’m pinning my hopes of catching up on the weekend. I have been way farther behind in the past. So I’m still not worried. The long Thanksgiving weekend has always been my safety net. But I’d rather not have to cram everything into that weekend, if I can. We will see how it goes.

NaNoWriMo Day 15 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

The Halfway Point!

After blogging every day, I totally forgot yesterday. I didn’t write yesterday, I went to bed early. It happens sometimes.

Today…we’re at the halfway point. So I should be at 25k. And I am at…a bit over 17k. Time marches on, and I’m going a bit slow. But the weekend is coming up. Which is a great time to catch waaay up. By Sunday I’ll need to be over 30k. I wrote almost 7k last weekend. So…yeah. Gotta love NaNoWriMo.


“Out among free-range sheep
While the big birds sharpen their claws.
For a time we stuck with the Shepherd
But You wouldn’t play Santa Claus”

NaNoWriMo Day 13 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

How do you write 50,000 words? One word at a time.

I wrote 1k tonight. Not enough to catch up or even keep up. But I’m somewhat still keeping pace behind the suggested average:

Again, not perfect. And not where I should be. I was actually ahead one day! But alas that was short lived. But…I’m still plodding along. Which is what this month is about. Endurance. And being very tired of writing.

NaNoWriMo Day 12 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

Wrote about 3k words today, only 4k behind. Still feeling pretty good. The story ebbs and flows. Sometimes it comes out onto paper (laptop screen) easily. Sometimes it takes time. But overall, again, with a good outline that I like and know, it goes pretty smoothly.

Almost to the halfway point, though. Still a lot to do.

NaNoWriMo Day 10 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

Working in the office on a holiday? Got lots of downtime while waiting for servers? Why not write? 🙂

I wrote 1k earlier today, and another 1k in the evening. I’ve got a lot more to catch up on, and it’s only 8:30. So I’ll be writing more soon.

Write write write. This is what I signed up for. Because I’m crazy 🙂

NaNoWriMo Day 9 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

More reading last year’s novel, to piece together personalities and plot flow. I really do like this novel. Things happen. People change. It’s somewhat real. Still pretty cardboard and 2d, but not as bad as I had originally thought. (And yet, as I read more, some of the dialog is…oh wow. So bad.)

Still lots (lots) of work to do. But for now, word count is king.

Also…either reddit or the wrimo forums were talking about body count. I’ve assasinated a few people, and everyone is at war. So I wonder what my body count is for this whole book…

NaNoWriMo Day 7 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

Still going strong. Still liking my writing. I read some of my ’06 and then some of my ’11 novels last night. Wow. They’re bad. I really have gotten better. Not that this novel is great. It’s just not…terrible. So, yknow, baby steps.

I’m behind by about 4k now I think. But honestly, again, I’m keeping up so I’m happy. I’ve been in way worse shape in past years. Really, I’m right now ahead of where I was midmonth (or later) last year and in ’14. So I’m happy.

I feel like I am blogging about the same themes every night. Oh well 🙂 At least I’m blogging.

Mood: Happy (but stressed out about work, and tired)

Music: Loreena McKennitt (which makes me happy)