East vs West: Snow and turkey sausage

The PNW is slowly ruining me. The weather and the food here in the PNW are both ruining me, and making it hard for me to see myself living anywhere else. Boston is still my favorite city, but…it’s getting more difficult to think about moving there, once I get into the details.

First, the weather. I love and miss snow (yes I’m weird), but then I see my friends post pictures of shoveling and post stories about trying to get into work, and I remember how much work snow is. And I don’t miss it as much. Then there’s ice – I don’t miss ice at all. In PA and MA you have to leave your house earlier on winter mornings so you could turn your car on and scrape the ice off of your car. Here in Seattle, nope! Oh it’s January? Here’s some 40 degree weather for you. Why, thank you Seattle.

Oh, and Harrisburg had alternate week street cleaning, so you had to make sure you parked your car in the right place. Boston has the same thing, especially when there’s snow on the ground. I have yet to see anything like this in Seattle.

Yes, it does rain often in Seattle, but it’s not actual rain. It’s not rain that soaks you within 30 seconds of walking out the door. The rain here is kind and gentle, like the people. It’s more like a mist than actual rain. Yes, it does rain hard occasionally, but not often at all. The most beautiful thing, though, is when it stops raining and the clouds go away. When you can look out and see beautiful snow-capped mountains in the distance, it’s like you’re in heaven. That is a beauty that you have to come here and experience for yourself.

And second, the food. We went back to MA for Christmas, and we went out grocery shopping. We found bread (bulkie rolls!), milk, eggs, you know – the usual. Then we went looking for turkey sausage. I like pork sausage better, but we try and mix it up a bit and be more healthy. Well, the grocery store we were in had only one brand and one kind. There was no choice, no options. Now, this isn’t a bad thing. You might even think we were lucky to find any turkey sausage at all. But…here in the PNW, they have all sorts of healthy choices, without you having to go through any trouble at all.

Also, I don’t always care that my groceries came from a local farm, or my restaurant dinner came from food that was sourced locally. But when I want to care, I can. The PNW provides lots of options when it comes to food. These options just aren’t nearly as prevalent in the Northeast.

It’s very interesting, seeing how Boston and Seattle differ. Both are liberal cities, but they are often liberal in very different ways. And the more I stay here in Seattle, the more I like some of the options that are available to me here. This doesn’t mean I won’t move back to Boston someday. But it does mean that, when I do, I will almost certainly miss certain parts of the PNW.