Becoming Pacific Northwesterners

(On the third anniversary of our drive across the US and our arrival in the PNW, I think back and talk about what it was like on each day of the trip. This is Part 8 of an 8 part series)

January 28, 2011

Our first full day in the Pacific Northwest. One thing we first noticed was the weather. This was January, and yet it was 45 degrees out. Three years later, I love the fact that it’s so warm all Winter. I do miss snow, and I think I’m becoming less able to deal with cold, but it’s nice to not have to go through the full bundle up process every time you go out.

I didn’t grow up walking uphill to school both ways, but my house was in between two small hills. So I did walk West up a small hill to get to my bus stop. In the middle of Winter, the temperature hung in the single digits, especially in the morning when we had to walk to the bus stop. I remember the hill shielded me from the brunt of the cold, because as soon as I crested it, every morning, the wind would hit me and make my eyes tear up. But, here in Seattle, there’s none of that nonsense.

We were still on East Coast time when we got up this day, so we were up and showered before 10am. So what did we do? We went for a walk, and then went to the mall. This is 11am on a Thursday morning in Bellevue. I remember clearly a very nice salesman asking us what brought us to the mall so early. He must have thought we needed something, to not be at work and instead be at the mall when it opened. When we said we were just wandering, he got a bit confused, which was understandable. I think we explained that we were still on East Coast time, but I don’t remember.

Since it’s been 3 years, I am (of course) used to the time zone, and am back to my regularly scheduled program of not getting up until around noon most Saturdays. I’d sleep in until noon during the week, too, if I could – but my job probably wouldn’t appreciate that. Such is life everywhere.