And you thought blaming Bush for everything was going too far back

First Rand Paul, and now Mitt Romney are bringing up Bill Clinton’s scandal as if it was yesterday (see one article here). I find that to be pretty hilarious. Why? It was in the mid to late 90s, which, if you haven’t noticed, is almost two decades ago. I remember it clearly. I also remember the OJ Simpson Bronco chase and trial. Unlike conservatives, who hate when liberals bring up Bush’s faults, I don’t mind that people are bringing up Clinton’s past. Why?

1) It didn’t hurt the nation. The Iraq war and giving tax breaks hurt the nation. What Clinton did, didn’t.

2) He was impeached, but not found guilty. So while we all agree that what he did wasn’t prudent, the record states that he did not break the law.

3) Bill Clinton remained popular for the rest of his term, and is popular now. Hillary, too, is popular. Reagan was the teflon president, and maybe Clinton is the liberal version. Bringing all of this up won’t change anyone’s mind. And it won’t make anyone less likely to vote for Hillary.

So, keep bringing up old things. I’d love to talk about the Iran-Contra scandal. That would be fun! Or how about the Savings and Loan scandal? Or, we liberals can stay in this decade, and talk about how the Republican party voted to repeal Obamacare almost 50 times, and yet even the Koch brothers can’t find actual people hurt by the bill.

Don’t Republicans have anything substantive to say? Or, as Bob Cesca likes to quip: Keep it up, Republicans, you’re doing great!