The whitest sport known to man

Is it just me, or is curling the whitest sport ever? Wow. I mean, don’t get me wrong. This is the first year I actually “get it”. It’s like shuffleboard! And how, might you ask, do I know about shuffleboard? Two ways.

First, I played shuffleboard on a cruise. Yes, I’m that white. On a cruise, in either the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. I learned how to play shuffleboard (shuffleboards?)

And second, I played it in a bar in Seattle. A few bars have nice 20′ long by 2′ wide wooden boards, and shuffles (that’s what I’m calling the little puck things) about half the size of a hockey puck. So you use your hands instead of a stick or something.

So, yeah, now that I’ve played, I understand. But curling is with ice. And stones. And white people. I want to drive to Vancouver and find a place to play it. I’m gonna go google that right now… oh look at that! has curling, and lessons. I have no idea if they’re any good. But hey, I might just have to go try it.

But, the fact remains. Curling is the whitest sport known to man.