Because phone calls are rude, emails are never answered, and twitter is too short

I wrote yesterday (here) how I quit Instagram because Facebook took it over and ruined Instagram’s privacy. I also mentioned that I was a Facebook user. How can I reconcile those two? How can I say I hate Facebook’s privacy concerns enough to delete an app they own, and yet use Facebook itself? It’s simple: Because phone calls are rude, emails are never answered, and twitter is too short

I hate that Facebook keeps changing their privacy settings. I hate that I keep having to go into some nook or cranny to turn off sharing something. I hate that the top of Facebook keeps changing from “Most Recent” to “Top Stories”. I hate that it keeps every single thing I’ve ever said, and yet I can’t easily find old posts. And yet I stay, because…

Phone calls are rude. This is an oversimplification, but people seem to never talk on the phone anymore. When I call someone, I feel like it’s an imposition. When I’m trying to make plans, people seem to like text or facebook events more than anything else. It just seems like no one talks on the phone anymore. And, pot meet kettle, I don’t always like talking on the phone myself. But I don’t think it’s bad or an imposition. I will answer if I can, and I won’t if I can’t.

Emails are never answered. Again, this is painting with a broad brush. But I seem to get better responses sometimes when I use twitter or text or a facebook event. This is probably just the old man part of me ranting. I like email – it’s an easy way to keep in touch. It’s like writing a letter, but without all the work. I remember my mom making me write thank you notes for the Christmas presents I received from extended family. Sure, written notes are very nice and classy, but my handwriting is horrible. Email works wonderful! If only people would use it more.

Twitter is too short. I think I get the best responses on twitter. People seem to always be on twitter. That’s probably where they are when I am trying to email them – they’re busy tweeting. But tweets are public (yes you can do private messages, but does anyone actually use those?) and short. Not nearly long enough to discuss plans for anything other than a quick beer.

So, that’s why I use facebook. If everyone was an old fuddy duddy like me, and used email often, I might quit facebook. If everyone (again with the old man routine) used flickr or other easily accessible photo sharing spaces, I could quit facebook. But, as it stands, if I want to know what people are up to, facebook is it. If I want to see the latest kid pictures, facebook is it. Now, granted, I have never emailed a friend and said “hey send me pictures of your kid”. That sounds a little creepy. But I guess I shouldn’t complain if I haven’t even tried to forge an alternate path…nah, it’s easier to complain. Excuse me, I’m gonna go complain on facebook…