NaNoWriMo Day 29 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017 #NaNoWinner2017 I’M DONE!

I did it! Again! 🙂

I have more to write, but I’m so excited. I finished a day early even!

YAAAY! *Kermit arm flail*

This was fun, blogging every (almost every) day. It kinda kept me motivated. I probably wish I had written more insightful things, when posting (I will have to go back and reread my posts tho). But after writing novel things daily, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to *also* then write in depth blog posts daily. Oh well. Anyway, my final chart:


Have you become so dull, so cold?
Does the truth leave an awful taste in your soul?
When fear grips it chokes out the air
Sometimes the dark is dark because a door is there

NaNoWriMo Day 28 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

Wrote 4k tonight, like it was nothing. Everything just flowed, and came out easily, and I think this is one of my favorite parts of the book. This is one of those death and destruction and mayhem chapters – but it’s good.

I also added some things into the story, and they totally fit with the outline. The outline I wrote three years ago (recap: I wrote part I in 2014, part II in 2016, and am writing part III now, as my outline was seemingly way bigger than I had imagined when I first wrote it) is still amazing and makes sense and works. Which is amazing.

This is awesome. I’m at 47k now, and am above the line for only the second time this month. I haven’t been worried, but it’s nice being above. I was in the zone tonight, and still feel a little zoney now. But, work tomorrow, so off I must go.

Here’s my chart as of tonight:


When in the springtime of the year
When the trees are crowned with leaves
When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew
Are dressed in ribbons fair

NaNoWriMo Day 27 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

Ah yes, back to writing on weeknights after work. This sucks.

I wrote 1k. Which is great. And I had like three more ideas for more things to write. So I can keep going…but it’s midnight, and I need to go to bed. And then get up for work. UGH.

Sooo hopefully tomorrow night I can write more. I’m only 2k behind right now, which is nice 🙂

NaNoWriMo Day 26 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

I’m at 42k right now, only 1k behind the suggested daily total. It would be very satisfying to get above the line again, but I was falling asleep while writing. It’s not easy to remember where I am in the scene, if I fall asleep while trying to write it.

So I’m gonna get ready and go to bed. Seems the only logical option.

It really is tempting to write another 1k and make it above the line. But I’ll save that for tomorrow.

My progress so far:


Hang on when the water is rising
Hang on when the waves are crashing
Hang on, just don’t ever let go
Hang on when you are barely breathing
Hang on when your heart’s still beating
Hang on, just don’t ever let go

NaNoWriMo Day 25 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

#Gilmorethemerrier is still going on…and I have been way too distracted by it.

I’ve written some fun words today – “askance” and “flabbergasted” being two amazing examples.

After struggling my way to climb to 30k (got stuck at 27k and then 28k and then 29k for days), the path to 40k has been much easier. I wrote 6k today and am at almost 39k. Woo! I love long weekends and holidays. I might write more tonight, or I might get some other things done that I should do. We shall see.

My goal was 40k, but I’m really close. I’ll do a bunch more writing tomorrow, and I’m not worried. I actually think I’ve got enough material to get to at least 60k. So I just have to decide if I want to wrap things up, and try and stuff as much into this month as possible, or write after the month is over. Both have pros and cons.


You had to have it all
Well, have you had enough?
You greedy little bastard, you will get what you deserve

NaNoWriMo Day 24 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

I didn’t write yesterday, because I was busy eating turkey and hanging out with cool friends 🙂

Tonight I didn’t write as much as I wanted to, but I did pretty well. I also joined the late night Seattle Wrimo discord channel. Discord is pretty much like Slack, so I felt at home right away. I haven’t gone to a Seattle Wrimo gettogether yet, but I think I’ll hang out on Discord fairly often.

I sometimes am totally a millennial.

Also, I’m going to download the Discord app, to make things easier. And… for the first time ever, I see the point of the app stores that Microsoft and Apple have setup. I still don’t want one on my computer (I have Win 7). But googling and finding the right download, while easier than years ago, still takes more effort than a quick search and one-click that the desktop app stores provide. Huh.

Anyway, blogging after midnight again, since I wrote right up to the wire. 🙂 Gonna go read some Pratchett now.

NaNoWriMo Day 22 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

I wrote very little today, after being on a roll yesterday. Ups and downs. I’ve got a long weekend, so that’ll be nice 🙂

NaNoWriMo, and November, and 2017 are all almost over. Oi.


Bei mir bist du schon, please let me explain
Bei mir bist du schon means you’re grand
Bei mir bist du schon, again I’ll explain
It means you’re the fairest in the land

NaNoWriMo Day 21 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

The right music, the right mood, the right fuel, the right plotline… and I can write for an hour, as if it was a minute. That was tonight. This… this is why I write. Stories and people and scenes just come out, unfolding of their own accord. The story just translates itself from thoughts somewhere in the depths of my brain to words on paper (virtual). I don’t even have to try, it just pours out. This was tonight. Such a good night.

I wrote 2k words, which puts me only <6k behind. Still chugging along.


You’ve been waiting for so long
I’m hear to answer your call
I know that I shouldn’t have had you waiting at all

NaNoWriMo Day 20 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

Blogging after midnight again…

I wrote very few words today. So I’m now almost 8k behind. As I’ve been saying every time, I’m still not worried. I haven’t run out of story. I still love my story. I have a good outline with plenty of room. I’m actually ahead of where I should be, wordcount & outline wise. So I’m good. Just need some extra time to get writing. Maybe… a four day weekend would help? Hmm I wonder where I could find one of those.

Seriously having NaNoWriMo in November is the best decision they could ever make.

NaNoWriMo Day 19 #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2017

Oops, I totally missed a blog post yesterday. Saturday ended up being a very social day, and not as writing-heavy as I had wanted. But it was fine. Still wrote 2500 words, which is decent. Just not enough to get me back on track.

Today I did some 30 minute/1000 word sprints. It worked out pretty well. I’m only 4k behind where I need to be. So, still on track, but still behind. Wrote 4k total today. More would’ve been good. But I keep on truckin.

There are some chapters that just flow right out, that I love to write. And there are other chapters that are agony. I wonder if the easy ones are the ones that other people will like, and the hard ones will be the bad ones to read? It’s interesting.


You don’t need to bother, I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on, I won’t let go til it bleeds